Watching pirate streams is not a crime in Europe!


Whether it's a legally transmitted content or not, there is no law prohibiting the view of online movies.

After a judgment of the European Cout of Justice regarding a crucial case, now there is more clarity on the infringing nature of unauthorized streaming.
The EU commission believes that consumers who watch unauthorized streams are not breaking the law!
Unlike traditional forms of downloading, however, in many countries the legality of viewing unauthorized streams remains unclear.

The Copyright laws of many European countries sanctions in clear and precise terms only who installs, for public or private use, devices for the decoding of encrypted broadcasts in whatever form they are transmitted.
In the case of online streaming, nothing needs to be decrypted but we are simply watching something that someone else is transmitting.
Therefore, the law applies only to those who distribute content protected by copyright and not to those who use it for personal use.

Be careful, though, that simple viewing of content is absolutely legal for personal use in private, but not in a public place.

So according to the authorities, reproducing streaming content is not the same as having a work unduly but simply looking at it, which is not a crime!

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