Create a web community: is it a good idea?


For those who didn't try yet to publish an online community the question could look a little bit trivial but it's not. Understanding the right strategy for a successful community is not simple as it seems to be.

First of all, we need to keep in mind that we are far away from the year 2004 when Facebook was founded, 13 years are a huge time window considering the rapidity on which the web is growing up.

Why am I mentioning 2004 and in particular Facebook's case? the reason is that a community like Facebook with a worldwide incredible popularity has significantly influenced the future web evolution.
Can you imagine how many people tried to emulate the success of Facebook? independents developers, creative people and even structured companies! How many of them succeeded in being popular and recognized from the network people? After Zuckerberg, hundreds of other communities were born to emulate it but only a few of them are still alive and became popular.

From the technical point of view, develop a community require a solid programming knowledge but the most challenging point is not technical!

Let's say that you have a strong technical background and you are able to create a solid structure for your new community, you will have to face with the most challenging part: Entice and convince your target audience to join and stay in your community, nowaday devoted to the most famous social networks!

What is the main reason why they should join your community?
What advantages are you offering despite the famous social networks?
How can you entice users to try out your community considering that it's new, not well known and populated?
What is the "conjunction element" on which your community is built?
What is the target audience you are trying to reach?
Does it exists any other community with the same aim and dedicated to the same audience typology?
Why did people decide massively to trust in Facebook instead of choosing another community?
These are the real challenging you must face before to start developing your community! Find your answers, analyze it and evaluate if your idea is a winning one!
This article wants to be a starting point for deeper discussion and opinion exchange between readers, feel free to comment out it, I will integrate any good idea, opinion or critics in order to offer you a more accurate overview and better understand what you are going to face in creating a community.

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