Will Apple introduce wireless charging in Iphone 8?

As usual, there have been tons of rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 8 features. One of the most discussed features is wireless charging (QI).
The hype has been growing with Apple recently joining the wireless power consortium and submitting a patent with wireless charging. Another iPhone 8 leak has popped up which could confirm the validity of wireless charging in the upcoming smartphone.

The latest rumor is that the new model of the iPhone will have a wireless charging feature but the blogger John Gruber, one of the most reliable Apple information analysts, says that the feature might not be available when the phone is launched in September.

As usual, Apple wants to produce its own wireless charging technology and other rumors say that they might be working on a longer distance charger using proper antennas to direct the power beam. They might also want to use a higher range of electromagnetic frequencies.

Many other smartphone vendors introduced it and QI technology is becoming very popular. Will be iPhone 8 ready to be used with all the third party wireless power sources on the market? We will see!

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